Vintage Circus Freak Photos Show that Reality is Creepier Than Today’s Special Efects


Long before creepy horror movies were trendy, there were circus freak shows. The circus was the place where bizarre was normal. The people who couldn’t  find a place in the community of regular-looking people found fame and even fortune on the stage that showcased their special weirdness and extraordinary talents to the paying public. 

A well-kept collection of vintage freak show photographs will give you a peek into some of the memorable days of the Golden Age of the Circus “freaks” that the world came to know about.


Send in the clowns


…and more clowns


The Fat and Skinny Men


Major Mite and Sky High Jack Earl


a community they can call their home


Long before Joker had his Harley Quinn, the circus had these girls.


If they lived today, they can walk on the streets and see a lot of familiar-looking folks.