This Kid Grew His Hair For The Most Awesome Reason You Can Think Of


Christian McPhilamy is a very special 8 years old boy, one day he saw a TV commerical for for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, he saw that many of this kids that were sick also didn’t had hair on on their head. at that moment Christian made a decision to grow up his hair long so he could donate his hair to those kids in need!

For 2 years he grew his hair and this was the result:




Facebook / Deeanna Thomas


His mother said that during those 2 years her son had to tolerate a lot of not very nice situations of other kids and people being nasty and rude to him , calling him a “girl” etc.

obviously they had no idea about Christian purpose.




Here’s Christian after the haircut



His awesome gift packaged and ready to be donated to those in need


(via TodayMashable)

Christian you are the real MVP!