This Isn’t Your Ordinary Street Art. Each One is an Illusion, Too. Whoa.


For German street artist 1010, it’s not enough to simply blow your mind with vivid colors or extreme messages. They have to lure you into gawking at their work with these incredible optical illusions. These images will have you staring at vacant buildings, completely slack jawed.

The depth that 1010 can create in their work is so impressive, it’s hard to believe that they were able to accomplish it out in the open. Heck, that sort of depth would be impressive if 1010 put that in the work they did in the comforts of an indoor studio. This street art is really something special.

The artist at work.

Wow. Look at that depth.

Hello? Anybody in there?

I wonder how many people try and poke their heads in there each day.

Breaking down walls without doing any damage.

Drink it in.

The neighbors must be so jealous.

That’s some canvas.

Bye-bye, bouncy thing!

(via 1010art, BEAUTIFUL/DECAY)

Street art is one thing. But these detailed and epic street illusions are something else entirely. For more of 1010’s work, check out their Facebook page.