This Husband Planted a Forest with a Big, Beautiful Secret in Memory of His Wife


Winston Howe was married to the love of his life, Janet, for 33 years. The couple spent every day of their marriage together, living the life of farmers in the UK countryside.

heart meadow - 04

When Janet died suddenly seventeen years ago of heart failure, Winston knew he had to express his love for Janet in a tangible way. So he planted several thousand oak trees on a six-acre plot of land, abutting their farm. Little by little it grew…

And while anyone could see that the trees were growing and the little forest was thickening, no one passing by or walking through the woods would have noticed that it contained a secret memento…

A heart-shaped meadow pointing toward Janet’s childhood home

heart meadow - 01

This little clearing had been a private memorial for Winston and the family until last year when British hot air balloonist Andy Collett flew over and couldn’t resist photographing it…

heart meadow - 05

heart meadow - 02

heart meadow - 08

heart meadow - 06

heart meadow - 03

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