He Used A Single Rake To Create Art Bigger Than 100,000 Sq. ft


Do you live in San Francisco, California? You may be lucky enough to see the art of Andres Amador the next time you’re at the beach.

We’re not talking about a painting or a sculpture, we’re talking about the beach itself. Andres prefers a medium that is more temporary but still absolutely stunning… a nice sandy beach at low tide. He uses his rake to create works of art that can range in size to even 100,000 sq. ft. They take hours to create and are intricate masterpieces.

Andres – “..more about the process, less about the result.”


He knows the tide will wash it all away


So he can make geometric patterns in his murals, he uses a rope as a guide


But why does he do it?


Andres – “The unanswerable question! It’s fun. I get to be at the beach.”


So if you happen to see one of these beauties, feel blessed. They don’t last long.


And don’t forget to take a photo!


Wet sand allows for contrast


You can even get his help proposing.


Or doing team building sessions.


It only takes him a couple of hours to create these, once the tide is low.


Truly inspiring stuff…

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