This Golden Retriever Thinks She’s a Human…But She’s Even Better Than That


How can you feel anything but pure joy looking at Bailey the golden retriever? She is absolutely convinced she’s a human, and here are the pictures (along with her captions) to prove it…

The Car Wash

Washing my car is gonna take a coon’s age! I can’t even reach the top, I should have bought a lowrider!  Next time I’m going to the gas station, this was the worst decision of my life!! Still looking good though even though I’m hard at work!


The Lumberjack

I’m sweating like a dog out here trying to chop enough wood to get me and my family through the winter!! Already broke a nail and pretty sure I’ve got blisters on every one of my cute little foot pads!! These boots are also extremely uncomfortable squishin’ mah toes around and such! Worst day of work ever!!!!


The Checkbook

Boy if there are two things I don’t like they are studying and paying bills.  Good thing I became a model because I can’t even read this book!  Also, just so you know, no one accepts checks with a big paw print on them, talk about dogscrimination!


Bailey the Wine Snob

Hmmmm yeesss barkeep be a dear and fetch me your most exquisite Cabernet Sauvignon, and only the most delicious of cheesey cubies for my ultra refined pallet.


Bailey Goes Wakeboarding

Someone pull me on the boat, I know lots of tricks!!!! If you think Air-Bud had some jumps, you haven’t seen anything yet!


Bailey Ironing Her Festive Shirt

I just can’t figure out what to be for Halloween!  In the meantime I am ironing all my shirts so I can keep my options open!  I don’t know why people do this, my shirt looked the exact same before and after!  Let me know what you think I should be for Halloween!


Movie Night

Just at home lounging and watching Homeward Bound while my mom and dad are toiling away to put food in my dish. Hey dad you need to brush my fur when you get home too please, I can’t grip the brush very well.