There’s Nothing Like Getting Whisked Away By A Waterfall While You Enjoy Your Dinner. Wow.



Villa Escudero is a hacienda-style resort in the Phillipines, with cozy rooms and an exotic atmosphere. But what brought it international recognition is this waterfall restaurant that allows tourists to enjoy a local meal right at the foot of a small waterfall.

Bamboo dining tables and grass-fringed buffet stations are located a few feet away from the cascading waters of the Labasin Falls.

The Labasin Falls is not a natural waterfall however. It is actually a spillway of the Labasin Dam, the Philippines first working hydroelectric plant.

After eating, guests are allowed to enjoy and relax in the natural spring water.

If you ever find yourself in the Quezon province of the Philippines, and are staying at Villa Escudero, make sure to pay the waterfall restaurant a visit. I bet it’s quite the rush! Share this unique dining experience with friends below.