The Alarm Clock That Will Make Your Morning Coffee


Who like to wake up early in the morning ? Not me that’s for sure , especially not in cold winter morning when staying under the blanket is so tempting.

Designer Joshua Renouf had worked hard and created an amazing invention for all of us who don’t love to wake up but for sure need and love a good morning coffee. Yes, it’s a  coffee maker/alarm clock mix.
Pretty cool, huh?


Look at this beauty 


Got everything you need


And we do need our cream/milk…


OK, OK… I’m waking up!


Here is how the magic happens


Sadly, this is not on the market yet. We still to need to wake up and actually try to find our way to the kitchen and make the coffee by ourselves like cave people. However, you can sign up to be informed as soon when the product is ready on Renouf’s website.