Monkey Woman Might have not been Human According to New Findings


In the 19th century there was a woman living in Russia called ‘Zana’, she had hair all over her body was extremely tall and was  given the name “monkey woman.” Now Researcher who examined her DNA  stated that she might be the mythological Yeti.

Thousands of people have dedicated their lives to the search after the mythical creature Bigfoot, a large man-like hairy creature, which according to the North American folklore, lived in remote and isolated forests. 

Some say that Bigfoot  was a relative of the Yeti. Now a senior Researcher say that their might be truth to this myth and in fact the yeti is a woman who lived in Russia not too long ago.

According to the report of the Daily Times “, Professor Bryan Sykes of Oxford University argues that a huge woman named Zana, who lived in the 19th century Russia was “half man-half-ape.”

 Zana was according to witnesses was a  “wild woman with a wild animal’s characteristics,” with golden-brown hair on her body and her height was in the area of two meters.

She was caught in 1850 by a group of merchants who hired hunters to capture her while walking around the isolated mountains near the coastal city Otchamtchiré near the Black Sea in Abkhazia, Georgia’s separatist republic.

This is how the Yeti look like according to past legends.

Traders who caught it kept her in a ditch surrounded by Spikes and she was sold several times, until she became a servant in the house of a man named Edge Geneva that manage to “tame” her and she lived with him until her death in 1890. 

She became famous in the area called “Monkey Woman”, and according to reports, a number of men  forced themselves on her sexually and she gave birth to at least four children. her kids according to stories still live in the area today and they look completely normal.