Millie The Cat Incredible Adventures Go Viral


Instagram made this cat a super star! But she is not an ordinary cutie, she is a real rock climber and probably the most adventurous pet in the world!

Rock climbing cat Millie

Millie is climbing

Millie the cat on the top of the world

The cat has got her own gear which consists of a harness, a leash and some rope.

Millie's gear

Millie the cat is climbing

Millie’s “dad”, Craig Armstrong likes to explore rough terrains and always brings her along for his trips through deserts, canyons, and mountains.

He adopted Millie from Furburbia, adoption center in Park City, Utah when she climbed onto his shoulders. “She is the one” thought Craig.

It took time and effort to acclimate the kitten to the long and dangerous adventures.

“Start slow outside: a local park was first. I’d run from tree to tree and get her to follow. This got her used to being outside and following me around.” – says Craig.

Craig and his cat Millie

Millie the cat on the climbing wall

Craig even gave a special name to his way of climbing with Millie: catting.

“Catting is putting your human agenda away. Having no expectations or destination. You let the cat wander freely. Your job is to follow, protect, keep safe from harmful places and predators.”

Nothing can stop the fearless duo from new adventures!

Craig and his cat Millie

Craig says Millie has all the qualities a good climbing partner should have. She never complains and stands all kinds of weather.

Millie the cat in the desert

Millie the cat in the snow

Millie the cat and water

Millie the cat and red rocks

The awesome photos Craig takes on their way made his cat legendary!

Craig and his cat Millie

Follow the adventurous team of a cat and a human on Instagram! Visit Craig’s website about Millie


Photos Instagram/Pechanga