Meet Luhu, The Internet Celebrity Cat With a Sad Face


The lineup of internet celebrity cats is growing, and most adorably so. Meet Luhu, a.k.a “the saddest cat in the world.” Just like Grumpy Cat, the descriptive name only describes the unique facial features. Luhu is a happy and playful female cat who lives in Beijing, China. 

When you look at these photos, you will understand the reason behind the famed name.


luhu 1

With a unique look such as this, how can you resist not giving in to her whims?

luhu 2

She looks adorable in a Princes Leia hat.

luhu 3

Still looks adorable even with sad eyes closed

luhu 4

She is a happy cat who loves to play. Believe it, she is happy here! 

luhu 5

A real-life Puss-in-Boots

luhu 6

Luhu loves to sleep.

luhu 7

luhu 9

She will give you this look…

luhu 8

…and she can easily get what she wants.

luhu 10

“Prithee please, feed me, play with me, and be my 24/7 human slave. Will you?”

luhu 11

Her photo when she was an angelic furball kitty

luhu kitten


image credit: lanlan731/Instagram