Man Races A London Train By Running Overground From One Station To The Next.


The guys at Epic Challenges thought it would make for a cool challenge to see if someone could race a subway train from one stop to the next. … but safely, and above ground.

The challenge took place in the London Underground, precisely on the Circle Line from Mansion House to Cannon Street. The racer had to be on the train as it arrived at one station, then sprint out from the train car through the station and out onto the streets above. The racer then had to run above ground through the city, get to the next station, and catch the same train again.

A friend of the challenger waited in the train with a camera and explained what was happening to the other passengers, who all got on board with wanting the challenger to succeed.

(Source: Epic Challenges)

It never felt so satisfying to watch someone catch the train before. I was actually cheering along with the passengers at the end.