Lennon in an Arctic Monkeys tee — Classic musicians in shirts of future bands they’d inspire


We’re all used to seeing our favorite current musicians wearing shirts from their favorite older bands who inspire them. In his “Reversed Music Icons Fandom Project,” Brazilian graphic designer Butcher Billy portrays a fantastic world in which older artists are wearing the shirts of the not-yet-formed bands who they would inspire…

John Lennon / Arctic Monkeys

Band Shirts 1

Jim Morrison / The Strokes

Band Shirts 2

Freddie Mercury / Lady Gaga

>Band Shirts 3

Pink Floyd / Radiohead

Band Shirts 4

Paul McCartney / Arcade Fire

Band Shirts 5

Giorgio Moroder / Daft Punk

Band Shirts 6

David Bowie / Nirvana

Band Shirts 7

Lou Reed / The XX

Band Shirts 8

Kurt Cobain / Foo Fighters

Band Shirts 9

Gene Simmons of KISS / Miley Cyrus

Band Shirts 10