I Never Thought I Would Say This But… I Would LIVE In This Shipping Container. The Inside’s Awesome.


There are more than 300 million empty shipping containers just sitting around at ports all around the world, and with the rise of innovative green architecture they are being used more and more in the construction of affordable homes in poorer areas. Poteet Architects, a Texas based architecture firm had the great idea that they could be used to create the perfect guest house too. Even fitting the container home with a fully functioning bathroom and a shower.

Old shipping container becomes a chic little place for your guests to stay the night.

There’s even a little garden on the roof.

Nature meets a large man made object.

The inside is very comfy, with space for two guests on the sofa bed.

Just look at that wooden floor!

It comes fitted with a complete bathroom (the shower is to the right).

Creative living space at its finest.

Interestingly, shipping containers are so cheap to make that when shipping goods from China to the US, it’s actually cheaper to continuously build new ones in China than ship the empty ones back after a shipment. And who said shipping containers were ugly and boring?