I Hate Weekdays, So Here Are A Bunch Of Animals Riding Other Animals. Everything Is Going To Be OK.


Sometimes life just feels a little bit like an animated Disney movie. A dash of surprise and extra pinch of silliness can add that magical air to any moment — and this is definitely one of those moments. These photos show off how the animal kingdom is full of all sorts of unlikely friendships. Don’t worry, though: this won’t make you as sad as The Fox and the Hound, I promise.

This cowboy – err – cowdog. Horsedog?

These mice who have obviously never watched Tom & Jerry.

This colorful pair.

Dogs on dogs on dogs…

I guess nobody told this dog hero that ducks can’t drown.

Giving new meaning to the term “piggyback.”

No idea what’s happening here.

Friendship is signed sealed and delivered.


The most adorable friendship possible.

OK, I take it back. This is the most adorable friendship possible.

But look at this tiny frog with his dog friend… or this regular frog and his enormous dog beast friend.

Pug yeah!

Something tells me this turtle hasn’t even noticed.



This one just doesn’t make any sense.

These two are the perfect representation of Easter.

Whatever you do, dog… don’t turn around.

I like to pretend he’s just giving him a hug.

Did you know ladybugs like to ride snails?

OK, well I bet you didn’t know that snails enjoy riding lobsters. Thought not.

Just perfect.

H/T: Huffington Post. Like the song says, we all get by with a little help from our friends. Share all the extra cuteness with your friends below.