Giant Dinosaur-like Turtle Appears In Siberia


Bizarre-looking creature was spotted by fishermen on the banks of the Amur River, near the town of Leninskoye in the Russian Far East in June 2015. No one believed the fotos were true until a video was posted online.

Curious and scared locals released this dinosaur-like creature with its shell covered in spikes and its sharp beak into the wild. Later it was identified as an alligator snapping turtle which inhabits the warm and tropical waters of US states such as Florida, Texas and Missouri more than 6,000 miles away from Siberia!

 It’s a mystery how the reptile managed to cross over the Pacific Ocean and reach another continent!

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Dinosaur-like turtle reached Siberia Russia

Alligator snapping turtle in Russia

Dinosaur-like turtle found in Russia

Anastasia Steshina / The Siberian Times