Brilliant Ideas To Hide Those Unsightly Stuff Around The House


Every household has it’s own brand of clutter and keeping them out of your sight can help out in uplifting your mood or your family’s. These clever tips will show you simple yet effective ways to hide some of those eyesore and reclaim some storage space you never knew you had all along. 

1. Your AC unit can be hidden behind a decorative wall hanging or chalkboard


Be sure not to block the air flow 


2. Hide it in plain sight by placing Bob Marley’s face under those cords


3. Create your own charging station


4. Stairs that also function as drawers


5. Hide your cat’s toilet


6. Another clever use of space under the stairs


7. Creating awareness with your guests using these decals


8. Paintings that hide those eyesore


9. Routers inside nice boxes


10. Removable wallpapers to decorate your fridge


11. Stick imitation stone to your bathtub


12. Decorative picket fence to hide cables


13. Simple tape can make your washing machine fun looking


14. Hide those cluttered wires with a desk curtain


15. Place a painting over the TV when not in use


16. Those paintings are quite useful for hiding almost anything.


17. Those desktop wires can become pretty electrical towers


18. Fake rocks help in hiding unsightly pipes in the garden


19. Invisible bookshelf will have your guests in awe



20. Store your dog food and water in a pull out drawer


21. Old book covers help hide your router