Baby Girl Diving Into a 9-Foot Deep Pool Alone! Meet the Youngest Swimmer in the World


Rahlee has been tagged as the youngest swimmer in the world. At 2 years old she can dive, swim to the bottom of the pool, and ascend to the surface without the help of an adult. The video footage shows Rahlee swimming towards the floor of the pool to retrieve a plastic ring. Unlike other individuals, even adults, who would not dare go beyond 6-foot deep water, she moves in the water so confidently just like second nature.

On the Youtube video page, the mom attributes Rahlee’s skill and confidence in the water to her daily swimming pool visits. “We take them to the pool every day. Never push them just help when they want it. EVERY DAY!!!” says the mom.

Since the video was uploaded in July 2014, viewers have speculated whether Rahlee was, indeed, the youngest swimmer in the world as the title of the video suggested. There may be other toddlers who have also dared this feat but without any recorded documentation available.

Whatever the case, this is still one commendable skill shown to the world by a toddler who exhibited an extraordinary flair in tackling the deep pool water. Rahlee is truly an awesome swimmer to watch for in the years to come.