After Deciding To Say I Do, This Couple Went On An Epic Journey Together.



Matt and Brandy were just once a normal couple. Until one day this 23 year old chef dropped to a knee and changed Brandy’s life forever. Vowing from then on to lose weight together to be photo perfect for their wedding, the two set off on a marathon diet…

…with incredible results. Combined the two lost 133lbs, with Matt shedding 92 all by himself.

According to the happy couple, their “secret” was merely a change in their diet, and being more aware of what they put in their bodies.

(via EliteDaily)

Considering how different (and amazing!) they looked on their big day, maybe it’s about time we all set aside that bag of chips in favor of some snap peas. Because, wow, they looked great. If all it takes is a little will power, then imagine what you could do too. Congrats, guys!