A Guy Found A Couple Of Old Oak Slabs. What He Created From Them Is Genius.


Looking for the perfect bookshelf? Maybe you should skip the trip to Ikea and head to your local lumber yard instead. This Reddit user recently created the perfect woodsy bookshelf from slabs of oak and detailed the whole thing in pictures. Take a look and see if you might be up to the task. Ron Swanson would be so proud.

He started with fresh slabs of oak.

First step: sanding down the surface.

Nice sunny day for woodwork!

Next step: varnish and patiently waiting for it to dry.

Then to make sure the holes for the stands line up.

Arranging the planks: they wanted as much bark viewable from the front as possible.

Next up: push the pipe stands through the re-enforced holes.

And then finally stand it up!

Very rustic and charming!

And of course, the finishing touch: books!

H/T: Reddit. Still seems a lot easier than following any Ikea instructions. Share with your friends and see if they wanna chip in on some wood.