8 Healthy Food Items That Aren’t That Healthy


There’s a big trend towards healthy eating and clean living these days, and people are trying to make better decisions about what they eat. It’s only natural for them to choose options that are advertised as health food.

Bad news? A lot of these food items aren’t really that healthy, and can be pretty bad for your health.

1. Breakfast Muffins

Even muffins with natural ingredients and seeds can contain over 700 calories each. Just because it doesn’t have frosting on it doesn’t mean it’s healthy.


2. Pre-bottled Green Teas

Most of these teas contain lots of sugar and none of the antioxidants that normal green tea boasts.


3. Baked Beans

Everyone knows that beans are a great source of protein, but if they’re coming from a can you can bet they are also going to be a source of corn syrup, sugar, or molasses. 


4. Frozen Yogurts

Normally, yoghurt is a great source of helpful bacteria for your digestive system. Most of the time though, frozen yoghurt is heated in the manufacturing process so all that good bacteria is killed off, leaving only sugar behind.


5. Multi-grained Breads

 Unless the first ingredient listed on the packaging is “whole grains”, you are most likely buying lots of refined grains. These lack the fiber and goodness that makes multigrain bread a healthy choice.


6. Reduced -Fat Peanut Butters

When the fat is removed from peanut butter it is normally replaced with sugar. You get the same amount of calories without the healthy benefit from the fats.


7. Granola Bars or Energy Bars

Most of these bars contain so much sugar that their calorie amount can equal or exceed that of an entire healthy meal.


8. Fresh Sushi

Depending on which sushi option you choose, some might contain the calorie count of a couple of sandwiches, mayo and all. 

Next time you’re in the supermarket trying to make healthy choices, don’t just believe the front of the packaging. A lot of “healthy” options are immediately debunked by flipping the box over and reading the first few ingredients.