8 Girls Who Are Real Living Dolls


The human Barbie Doll craze has been going on for quite some time now. Some girls have invested a lot of effort and, not to mention, loads of cash to look like the iconic doll. Since Barbie dolls launched in March 1959, the obsession for these dolls continue to grow.

Dakota Rose – US Real Barbie Girl

Real-life-Barbie-Girl Dakota
via incrediblesnaps.com

Dakota Rose or Kotakoti (in Asia) gained her popularity in Japan and China.  The American 23 year old Barbie-like  girl  uploaded her photos and videos with flawless skin, perfect blonde hair, and slim body doll-like outfits.

But not all are happy with her Barbie girl look, they thought that her photos are not real but are ‘photoshopped” and think she is funny.  Dakota simply shrugs of whatever impressions people people have about her. She just does what makes her happy.