30 Normal Things That Are Totally Staring Back At You Right Now.


Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being watched? Like, all the time? Some people might call you paranoid, but we understand. You’re totally not crazy. There are things watching you.

When you really pay attention to the world around you, it can seem like everything is giving you the eye. Take a look at the inanimate objects who definitely have their own pair of peepers and may be staring at you…right…now…

1.) These chill Nikes say, “Yeah, just do whatever.”

2.) Storage with a smile!

3.) This guy is regretting his lip-ring.

4.) That’s a fancy mustache ya got there, buddy.

5.) The guest towels don’t really look all that inviting.

6.) It’s exhausting keeping time all hours of the day.

7.) This is how I feel when I drink coffee.

8.) So this is what Robocop has been up to lately.

9.) “You drink my tears!”

10.) “So then she said it wasn’t his baby.” “Oh my GOSH!”

11.) His feast of leaves has begun.

12.) These windows are confused why you would ever spend time in a different room.

13.) Bat-berg: not the iceberg we deserve, but the one we need.

14.) “Oh my goodness… I’m.. I’m beautiful!”

15.) It’s time for someone to get their brows done…

16.) “You like me! You really like me!.. To hang things for you!”

17.) I feel like I’ve seen this guy somewhere before…

18.) This alarm clock is just as sad as you about waking up.

19.) This is the happiest building in the world.

20.) Wait, is Fraggle Rock real life?

21.) This is quite a cheesy grin.

22.) This is exactly what my uncles look like after they’ve had a few too many at the family BBQ.

23.) Someone’s grandmother was reincarnated as this delightful seatcover.

24.) I think he’s judging this bathroom for not having earth-friendly blow-driers.

25.) This guy is feeling a little uncomfortable.

26.) This purse is so happy to not have a puppy stuffed in it.

27.) This dragonfly should have its own show on Nick Jr.

28.) These twins just love toast.

29.) There’s always one party-pooper.

30.) This little guy couldn’t be more pleased to keep you warm.

(H/T: FlickrReddit.)

I’m sure they’re all friendly faces, for the most part. We’re basically all living in a Disney cartoon waiting to happen. If you want to see more faces in different things in the world around you, visit the Faces in Places Flickr group!