25 Products With Amazingly Clever and Creative Packaging


Not many of us can say that we are immune to pretty packaging. Many people will buy a product they have never even heard of before, just because it looks cool and interesting. I’ll admit, I’ve bought packages of food in languages I don’t
understand, just out of curiosity — it’s how I accidentally learned that cuttlefish ice cream exists.

But whoever does the marketing for these 25 products, they sure know how to do their job.

1. NYC Spaghetti


2. Hanger Tea bags



3. Kokeshi Matches and Matchbooks


4. Fishing Boat Bottled Water


5. Green Berry Tea bags


6. Butter! Better! butter packets


7. Blood of Grapes French Wine


8. Gnome Bread


9. Ford Ranger Extreme extendable cargo bed matches


10. Made By Bees honey range


11. Whitebites natural rawhide dog treats


12. Juicy Juice orange juice packets


13. Smirnoff Caipiroska mixed alcoholic drinks


14. Zen Perfume and Cologne


15. More cool juice boxes


16. Note stereo earbuds


17. Origami Beer bottles


18. Kiss fruit and vegetable juices


19. Mini Oliva olive oil packets


20. Coffin-shaped cigarette case — a little morbid but still clever


21. Mustache paint brushes


22. Japanese packaging for a cookie



23. City Harvest paper shopping bags


24. Pink Glasses California wine


25. Beehive Honey Squares

Some of these cool products are on shelves and waiting to be scooped up. Some of them are only prototypes and may not end up making it onto shelves. Either way, they’re great examples of what marketing can be.

(Source: Reddit)