23 Crazy Toilets You Have To See


Most people don’t spend a lot of time trying to make their toilets awesome. Nice soaps, fancy towels, elegant light fixtures — that’s about all most people will spend time on. Why show off your decorating skills in the bathroom, right? Wrong. These people prove that you can make a personal statement with your toilet, and the sky’s the limit.

1. The Steampunk Toilet


2. The Zen Garden Toilet


3. Pooping as a winter sport


4. Real gamers never stop playing.


5. I will call it… The Pee Pod


6. The Ice Toilet (something tells me it’s single-use)


7. For those not afraid of heights.. 


8. Either a Flea Market toilet or a reminder of a terrifying childhood


9. Druids were here… 


10. A Golden Throne fit for a King


11. Comic books aren’t just for reading on the toilet.. 


12. “And we lived beneath the waves, In our yellow submarine…”


13. A toilet for Torchwood fans


14. Everyone knows that watching fish is relaxing..


15. You can see out but they can’t see in. Not for the shy!


16. The best of both worlds — The Half and Half


17. Study yourself from every angle, just don’t get dizzy.


18. Become one with nature as you fertilize it.


19. Follow the stepping stones to relief and relaxation.


20. For those days when it feels like evil lives within you.


21. For the sophisticated bushman


22. For the couples with no secrets between them


23. Movin’ on Up!


Remember, it’s not just about the fancy fixtures and swanky showers. Toilets deserve their time in the spotlight as well.


via: Viralnova