20 Mind-Blowing Self- Realizations During Solo Travel


Traveling alone may seem like a daring act if you haven’t tried it yet. The benefits of solo traveling far outweigh the challenges. When traveling alone you will realize some if not all of these things:

1. You realize that being alone in a distant  place can be pleasurable. You can have a monologue with your thoughts and discover other untapped characteristics of your personality.1


2. At some point you will also learn that “no man is an island” and you will earnestly need company. 2


3. But at the back of your mind, you feel a sense of pride of knowing that you can look after yourself.3


4. because you have learned to trust yourself 4


5. You’ll be more appreciative of new friendships. Even the simple act of asking a simple direction can lead to fruitful conversations, and perhaps new relationships. 4


6. You will realize your weakness



7. especially when you benefit from a random act of kindness at a moment you needed it most.




8.  You may realize that you can be a survivor by being resourceful in ways you have never imagined.9


9. You are free to explore things you haven’t done before now that no one is affecting your decisions.



10. You are free to satisfy your curiosity and realize your huge appetite for learning new things.



11. You may be able to squeeze out new levels of kindness and humility from within yourself. 



12. You’ll enjoy a deeper sense of satisfaction during moments of solitary indulgence.13


13. You will know who you are when no one is around to see what you do.



14. You can be fully yourself or you can be anyone you wish to be.



15. You will realize who you really are when you allow your closet personality to come out



16. and realize that there are lots of things you can live without.



17. and that being alone can honestly be an awesome experience you can look forward to.



18. You will learn about your strengths.



19. and your limitations.



20. You will realize how much you have conquered all by yourself.