19 Other Crazy Ways You Can Use Coke


Aside from being a highly sweetened drink, Coke can be used in other crazy ways beyond what you may have ever imagined.

 1.  Shine your chrome items using Coke and tin foil



2. Soak your coins in Coke to make then shiny again.



3. Clean tile grout with Coke.



4. Pour a can of Coke into the toilet bowl and let it stand for an hour, then flush. Voila! The dirt rings will disappear.

cola bowl


5. Remove hardened food from pan with Coke.

Dirty Frying Pan


6. Loosen a rusty bolt by pouring Coke onto it.



7.  Clean your stained china with a soft cloth and Coke.



8. Ketchup mixed with Coke can be turned into an alternative barbecue sauce.



9. A saucer filled with Coke can be a great bee repellent during picnics.



10. Pour Coke over car battery terminals to improve conduction.

battery cables


11. Use Coke to ward off slugs.



12. Got gum stuck in your hair? Soak the gum in Coke and it will slide off easily, then rinse hair immediately.



13. Pour a cup of Coke into your batch of laundry to help remove stains.



14. Remove marker stains from carpet by soaking the stained area with a mixture of Coke and soap.

Drawing with colorful markers.


15. Perform a science experiment by soaking a kid’s milk tooth in Coke. Remove it from the soak after 14 days and see what it looks like.



16. Remove dead bug stains from your windshield using Coke.

Clear blue sky


17. Remove oil stains from garage floors by soaking the stained part in Coke. Brush and rinse off with water after a few minutes.

Oil leak


18. Prepare a metal or concrete painted surface for stripping by pouring Coke over the old paint to loosen it up.



19. Remove rust from old metal tools by soaking these in Coke for a few minutes.