17 Weird Services People Actually Pay For


There are people who have some extra money to spend on these seemingly strange services. 

1. Your own hired paparazzi – so you can pretend to be famous and impress the suckers.



2. Hire a Granny – In Australia, you can hire a granny to look after your kids. 



3. Bike Taxidermy – People who love their bikes can have these preserved. Regan Appleton from the UK offers this service.



4. Snake Massage4


5. An app that tells you to remove excess nosehair5


6. Rent-a-Goldfish



7.  Ashes to Portraits – You can have your loved-one’s ashes used as material for a portrait memorabilia.7


8. In China, you can rent a professional girlfriend or boyfriend so you can fake a happy relationship. 8


9. Some people pay to be pricked by cacti. It’s simply called cactus massage.9


10. Rent a nudist cleaner by the hour10


11. Too lazy to pick your dog’s poop? You can pay someone to do it.11


12. Japanese ear cleaning parlor12


13. Last meal delivery service. As requested by convicts on the death row, their last meal request will be delivered by special service.13


14. Buy “Official Irish Dirt” straight from Ireland14


15. Rent a porn star date for your prom or for any social function. 15


16. The Hangover Bus service is available in Las Vegas, complete with IV re-hydration and nausea pills.16


17. In Japan, an Apology Service is available for those who can’t apologize personally.18